June 2018 Miguel Maura. La derecha republicana Antonio Cañellas Mas
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Miguel Maura Gamazo (1887-1971) seventh son of Antonio Maura, followed the tenets of his father from the ranks of the Maurist movement. The unsuccessful attempt of regenerating the democratic institutions of the monarchy of Alfonso XIII and the prolongation of the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera leaned him towards the republican field, where he actively participated in the integration of the conservative groups in the new political system. However, his labour as minister in the provisional Government of the Republic was questionable and the content that the left had printed to the Constitution of 1931 pushed him to leader an alternative project.


Maura wanted to make out of the Conservative Republican Party of Spain a unifying instrument for the moderated vote to benefit the partial amendment of the system, although he could not make it. CEDA (Spanish Confederation of autonomous Rights) of Gil-Robles had already appeared as the first conservative masses formation. Miguel Maura showed himself very critic about the misunderstandings that, from left to right, ended up blocking the setting of the Republic as a democratic and inclusive regime that ensured a tolerant political coexistence.

TÍTULO: Miguel Maura. La derecha republicana
AUTOR: Antonio Cañellas Mas
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