24th anniversary of Gregorio Ordóñez’s murder From the struggle against ETA to the struggle for the story


24 years ago in San Sebastian, ETA murdered Gregorio Ordóñez, who was more than a political leader; he was a social leader to whom speaking clearly cost him his life. The director of FAES, Javier Zarzalejos, and María San Gil, a member of the Foundation's Board of Trustees and a friend of the councilman who was assassinated in her presence, remember the scope of a figure and a legacy that represents the best political commitment.

This #DiálogosFAES explains how the fight against ETA has moved on to the fight for the story; from breaking the silence in the face of the dictatorship of terror to legitimizing ETA's heirs as full-fledged democrats. For both, “it is the politicians who have to lead the battle for true history,” and “giving back to the families of the victims the memory, dignity and justice they deserve will make us a better society.”

  • “Gregorio Ordóñez was a political and social leader. In recent years, politicians like him have been missed”
  • “If ETA had killed Gregorio and we all had gone home, their victory would have been double. Jaime Mayor Oreja raised Gregorio's flag and won the municipal elections.
  • “Gregorio Ordóñez committed the sin of breaking the silence in a sick society”
  • “Gregorio and so many others died because of being part of the PP, defending the Constitution and opposing the dictatorship of terror. If he had been a nationalist, today he would be alive.
  • “The theory of conflict is the basis of ETA's legitimation, but there has not been a conflict or a war. There has been a social group wanting to impose its project through terrorism and supported by certain parties”
  • “ETA killed and the PNV benefited from it”
  • “There is one party that has not yet condemned ETA. They have changed their name, but they are the same and they defend the same thing, and we have legitimized them as full democrats”
  • “We've gone from fighting ETA to fighting for the story”
  • “We've let ourselves be won, that's why they don't have to kill, but the project for which ETA was killing is still alive. That is as if the victims were killed twice.
  • “Politicians have to lead the battle for true history, for the political marginality of those who have not condemned terrorism or its project”
  • “Effective political measures have to be taken again, as José María Aznar did in his day with the first Victims Act and the Pact for Freedom and against Terrorism”
  • “The regeneration of any political project in Spain has to incorporate the memory and value of what happened. That is the great civic battle for the consolidation of our democracy”
  • “The referential victims of our democracy are not the victims of the Civil War but the victims of terrorism, who did not die for a regime but for the Constitution and freedoms”

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