24 young men and women coming from 18 countries 18th FAES Ibero-American Leaders Training Program


    _José María Aznar welcomed the participants of the Program, with which FAES contributes to the strengthening of institutions and the rule of law in Latin America.

    _The students have visited different institutions and companies, and have been received by Pablo Casado at the headquarters of the PP.

    _The Program has dealt with issues such as the challenge of populism and nationalism; the link between economic freedom and prosperity; and relations between Spain, the USA and Latin America

From October 1st to 5th, FAES Foundation celebrated its 18th Ibero-American Leaders Training Program 2018, in which 24 young people coming from 18 countries in the region participated. The Program aims to promote knowledge of the Spanish political, institutional and economic system and leadership training, as well as to promote the exchange of ideas through conferences, colloquiums and training workshops given by FAES contributors. The participants also held meetings with the former President of the Government and President of FAES, José María Aznar, who welcomed them to FAES, and with Pablo Casado, president of the Partido Popular.

The FAES Ibero-American Leaders Training Program, which has been held since 2000, contributes to the strengthening of institutions and the rule of law in Latin America and to feeding the chain of transmission of the values of freedom and democracy. Its participants are young people linked to institutions and organizations related to FAES in different countries of the region and have a notable political projection.

In this edition, the Program has addressed issues such as the challenges of populism, nationalism and extremism; the link between economic freedom and development and prosperity; the exercise of leadership in government and public policies; the decentralized model of territorial administration in Spain; relations between Spain and the United States and its triangulation with Latin America. Moreover, it has approached the importance of ideas in politics, freedom in the 21st century, and the example of constitutional consensus and the Spanish Transition.

Young people from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Portugal have participated in the Program.

During their stay in Madrid they have visited various institutions, such as the CEOE, Ciudad del Santander, Telefónica, IE Business School and the Instituto Atlántico de Gobierno. Previously, the students have participated in Brussels in a knowledge program of the European institutions co-organized by FAES and the Wilfred Martens Center.

Translated by David Outeda

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