International.- 'The Atlantic basin: Challenges and Opportunities'


The last 2014 FAES Campus course, entitled 'The Atlantic basin: Challenges and Opportunities' and directed by Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, Director of FAES Foundation International Department, focused on international politics. Throughout the sessions the chance of revising and strengthening in depth the Atlantic link was addressed and questions on who should be the actors involved and which should be the goals and principles were answered.

 'Again, the Atlantic'
Aznar: “The EU-USA free trade agreement is extremely important from a strategic and political point of view” 
Roundtable‘Security and defence’ 
María Corina Machado: “Venezuelan Government’s pseudo-democratic mask has been removed” 
 “The Atlantic has a lot to say and can regain its leading role"
Mesa redonda: 'the Western values and the future of Europe'