Zarzalejos, in Barcelona, about European values, nationalism and populism “Europe, an excellent ambition facing serious threats”


FAES Director, Javier Zarzalejos, has participated in the conference '¿Pueden los valores europeos hacer frente al nacionalismo y al populismo?' (Can European values confront nationalism and populism?) organized in Barcelona by Red Floridablanca. In his opinion, "the EU, with its hybrid nature, has been resolving well the problems that have been raised, but now this original project of the Atlantic liberal order seems to call into question, by excess or lack of actions". "For Spain, Europe has been an excellent ambition, an unavoidable reference. I am very complimentary about what the integration project has meant, but we cannot ignore the fact that today there are serious threats", he added.

Zarzalejos took part in a debate with the writer Valentí Puig, the UAB professor of Political Science and Jean Monnet Professor of European Studies Ana María Fernández Pasarín and the editor of Red Floridablanca, Jorge Martín Frías.

Zarzalejos also highlighted that "it is very important to remember that, barely a century ago, Europe was bleeding to death. In this sense, the process of European integration has been an unquestionable success". 


Translated by David Outeda

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