First FAES scholar to become President of his country Luis Lacalle Pou, new president of Uruguay, member of the FAES network in Latin America


The President of FAES and former President of the Government, José María Aznar has congratulated the President-elect of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, who in 2006 participated in Madrid in the FAES Latin American Leaders Training Program.

“Congratulations to the new president of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou. It is a source of pride for the FAES Foundation that in 2006 he participated in Madrid in our FAES Latin American Leaders Training Program. He is the first scholar of the FAES network to reach the Presidency of his country, an achievement that says much about the importance of feeding the chain of transmission of the values of freedom and democracy. We wish him many successes, as did his father, my good friend Luis Alberto Lacalle”.

Lacalle Pou is a member of one of the families with the longest political tradition in Uruguay - he is the son of former president Luis Alberto Lacalle de Herrera - and is linked to the historical current of “Herrerism”, as are practically all the Uruguayan participants in the FAES Program for the Formation of Latin American Leaders.

Its main electoral proposals are the repeal of the financial inclusion law that requires the ‘bankization’ of payrolls and the implementation of electronic payment in small businesses; the creation of a Permanent Technical Council for the labour market with the presence of the Executive, employers and unions; the creation of a National System of Continuing Professional Training; Incentives for hiring adults over 50 and unemployed heads of household by reducing the fees paid by employers; an educational reform to reduce the power of teachers' unions for the benefit of parents; and the eradication of illegal settlements within a maximum period of 10 years, through their regularization and basic urbanization, among others.

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