At the closing of the XIX FAES Iberoamerican Leaders Training Program José María Aznar: "We must recapitalize and strengthen democratic institutions"


    _"This is a time of profound technological change, decentralization and redistribution of power"

    _FAES contributes to the strengthening of institutions and the rule of law in Latin America through the foundations of freedom and democracy

The former President of the Government and President of FAES, José María Aznar, met this morning with the young participants in the 19th edition of the Programa FAES de Formación de Líderes Latinoamericanos, in front of whom he affirmed the need to "recapitalise and strengthen democratic institutions" facing a "very worrying" international situation. FAES celebrates this Programme annually as part of its commitment to strengthening institutions and the rule of law in Latin America.

"Liberal democracies are under important threats and challenges", lamented Aznar, who considered that "the high unsatisfied expectations" spurred the recent "headless revolts" in places as different as Hong Kong or Chile. For Aznar, "this is a time of profound technological changes, of decentralization and redistribution of power", which will generate that "the coming years will be one of profound instability".

During their stay in Madrid, the young participants in the Programme have had meetings with political personalities and representatives of institutions and companies, and have taken part in conferences, colloquia and training workshops given by FAES expert collaborators on the foundations of freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

Prior to the sessions in Madrid, they travelled to Brussels, where they had meetings with the director of FAES and MEP, Javier Zarzalejos, and the secretary general of the EPP, Antonio López-Isturiz, among other members of the EU institutions.

The FAES Programme for the Training of Ibero-American Leaders has been held since 2000 with the aim of contributing to the strengthening of institutions and the rule of law in Latin America and of nurturing the chain of transmission of the values of freedom and democracy. Its participants are young people linked to institutions and organizations related to FAES in different countries of the region and that have a notable political projection.

Translation by Blanca Domínguez

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