Closing ceremony 2019 FAES Summer Course Garamendi: “We want a stable Government in Spain that defends us in Europe and in the world”


    Garamendi: “Queremos un Gobierno estable en España que nos defienda en Europa y el mundo”

The president of the CEOE (the Spanish confederation of enterprise organizations), Antonio Garamendi, has participated in the closing ceremony of the 2019 FAES Summer Course, where he has asked for a “stable government in Spain that defends us in Europe and in the world” and for working together all enterprises, citizens and the State for keeping “democracy, cohesion and future of the welfare”.

The Spanish economy has high levels of deficit and debt

“We entrepreneurs are worried about the Spanish debt, because if interest rates rise we will have a serious problem. Thus, it is key to lower our debt and, most of all, not to generate more deficit”

The economy is declining

“The economy is slowing down as a consequence of the US-China trade war, Brexit, the Catalonian challenge and the lost of momentum of the main European economies”

“Spanish enterprises are ready to face this scenario of deceleration”

Big challenges: globalisation, digitalisation and Ecologic Transition”

“The Spanish economy is facing three big challenges: digitalisation, globalisation and Ecologic Transition”

“The digitalisation is not an industrial revolution, but a social one. Enterprises have to constantly adapt to this radical change in the work models. Some jobs will disappear, and new ones will appear”

“Training will be the key to adapt to this change and it will have to be addressed in an integral way, reinforcing the constant training in the enterprises, the vocational training and the dual training”

“Constant and permanent training should guarantee the employability during our whole new professional trajectory”

“The Ecologic Transition should be addressed with intelligence and it should turn around three axes: people’s sustainability, environmental sustainability and economic sustainability. Without the last one, it will be very difficult to achieve the other two”
The Industrial Industry boost of the Spanish economy"

“The Industrial industry pulls the rest of the industries. Therefore, our objective should be supporting the industrial industry by investing in R&D and addressing enterprise costs, which are very high compared to the rest of Europe”


“It is said that we Spanish entrepreneurs pay very little taxes; it is true that the Spanish enterprises pay less taxes than the German ones, but per unit they pay much more”

“In Spain, the corporate tax is 25% and outside it is 22,5%. In Spain, the social contributions are 30%, and in the rest of Europe 25%”

Shadow economy

“The shadow economy in the European Union is 12%, whereas in Spain it is 22%. These people are non-solidary, they commit dumping against the people we defend at CEOE”

“The shadow economy are not the big enterprises nor medium ones nor the ones that have a collective agreement”

Stable and predictable regulatory frameworks

“We need stable and predictable regulatory frameworks, and the regulation should be homogenous. We are dealing with the new entering economies and they are nor regulated”

“Part of the solution relies in the social dialogue. In Spain there are 5,000 open dialogues with workers. The social peace that is being generated comes from these dialogues. This is the best and greatest infrastructure a country can have”

Ageing of the population

“The ageing of the population and the effect it has on pensions is another key element that we will discuss in the following years. That is why it is urgent and necessary to bring back the pacto de Toledo”


“Democracy, cohesion and future of the Welfare State. This is a battle Spaniards have to win and we, enterprises, will support them. In order to do this, we have to work with autonomy, State awareness and institutional loyalty”

“We want a stable Government in Spain that defends us in Europe and in the world”

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