July 1st-5th at El Escorial Curso de Verano FAES-UCM 2019 | ‘España: calidad democrática, cohesión y futuro del bienestar’



FAES Foundation is participating one more year in the Summer Courses that Complutense University and Santander Bank hold in the Real Centro Universitario Escorial-María Cristina. The sessions organised by FAES are titled ‘Spain: democratic quality, cohesion and future of the Welfare State’ and they will be inaugurated by the Head of the Foundation, Javier Zarzalejos, on July Monday 1st, and closed by the former Spanish President and FAES President, José María Aznar, on Friday 5th.

FAES is willing to shed light on the debate about the Spanish democracy -consolidated, diverse, modern, and one of the most solid in the world-, as well as about the territorial cohesion, the evolution of the Autonomous Communities, Catalonia’s future, how to maintain the Welfare State model, public-private collaboration, and Europe after Brexit.

In the conferences and the round tables, scholars, analysts and investigators will provide a rigorous diagnose of the current situation ─such as the effects of the economic crisis and of the secessionist challenge in Catalonia, that have reached politicians and institutions and that have questioned the quality of the Spanish democracy─; and they will trigger a deep, diverse and open debate about the amendments suggestions addressed to regenerating the Spanish democracy.

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