Legitimate Government in Venezuela Ambassador of Venezuela in Spain, Antonio Ecarri, in FAES


The Ambassador of Venezuela, Antonio Ecarri, has visited the headquarter of FAES, where he has maintained meetings with the former president of the Government and president of the Foundation, Jose María Aznar, and with the International director, Jose Herrera. Aznar has reiterated Ecarri the willingness of FAES and himself to keep supporting the legitimate government of Venezuela and the democratic opposition in their fight for liberty.

Antonio Ecarri is the current diplomatic representative of Venezuela to Spain, he was appointed by the National Assembly the past 19th o February. In his meeting with Herrera, both have addressed the necessity of explicit actions by the countries that have already recognized Juan Guaidó as the president in charge of the country, actions such as withdrawing the diplomatic permissions and privileges to those representatives of the government of Nicolas Maduro to grant them to the new representatives appointed by the National Assembly of Venezuela, among them, the ambassador Ecarri. They have also considered peremptory to speed and streamline the movement of humanitarian assistance from Spain, to review the asylum and residence applications or to extend the validity of expired passports that exiles living in Spain that have not managed to renew it.

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