FAES Collection of Political Biographies Presentation of 'Lerroux. La República liberal'


Manuel Álvarez Tardío, director of the FAES collection of Political Biographies |
"This collection is an effort to awaken the consciousness of the Spaniards and to rescue the complex and global trajectory of the Spanish centre-right. It brings the past to the present and is a good antidote to ideological memory".

Andrés de Blas, Professor of Political Science at the UNED |
"Lerroux was a defender of property, order and political consensus, and maintained his concern to make the greatest number of Spanish citizens part of the regime"
"This biography places special emphasis on the second stage of Lerroux's political life and fills a gap that was still open in Spanish histography. It is an excellently constructed and very well told biography". 

Roberto Villa García, professor of History of Thought and Social and Political Movements at the URJC |
"As a Spanish Republican, Lerroux slowly evolves from the demagogy, populism and anticlericalism of his early days to a constitutionalist and liberal republicanism."
"Unlike previous and subsequent political generations, he is a Republican of convictions, not a dogmatist. The image of the opportunistic and unscrupulous Lerroux is a false image constructed by political Catalanism".
"Lerroux sacrifices interests in order to be true to his convictions and defends an inclusive, non-partisan Republic, and around that philosophy he is able to organize a mass and popular movement”.
"Unlike the Republicans of the time, Lerroux was a Spanish Republican."
"Lerroux evolves from republicanism to posibilism; the liberal Lerroux imposes itself above the republican Lerroux. With his death, the Liberal Republic also dies in Spain".
"What would be Lerroux's option today? Since 1976 liberal republicanism is perfectly represented by the constitutional monarchy".

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