Celebrado en Barcelona Disintermediation, Employment and Public Administration, at FAES-ESADE Seminar


    _The sessions have reviewed the new forms of connection between groups and individuals and the need to reformulate regulatory structures

    _Co-directed by Javier Zarzalejos, director of FAES and Enric R. Bartlett, Public Law professor at ESADE Business & Law School

FAES foundation and ESADE Law School will hold tomorrow Tuesday 19th and the next 2nd of April their Permanent Human Rights Seminar Antonio Marzal in Barcelona. This year will be called “Volatility and Friction in Disintermediation age”. Co-directed by the director of FAES, Javier Zarzalejos, and the professor of Public Law at ESADE Business & Law School Enric R. Bartlett. The sessions will review the features of disintermediation in the current technological revolution and its effects on the future of jobs and the process of decision-making by the Public Administration.

The sessions will take place tomorrow Tuesday 19th and the next Tuesday 2nd of April from 18:30 to 20:30 hours at Building I of ESADE- classroom 029- (Av. Pedralbes 60-62, Barcelona). Among other issues it will be analysed if the job destruction derived from the technical change will generate increases in productivity and in collective wealth and how to manage the transaction for displaced people form their gainful occupations.

Constant flow of technology is allowing much more direct forms of connection between groups and individuals. Previous structures of regulation and balance are in risk of being eliminated, which generates uncertainty and tensions. In this background, the Seminar FAES-ESADE wants to considerate two variants of this disintermediation: The future of jobs, in its double role of instrument of provision of economic resources and of the mechanism of social inclusion; and the utilization of Artificial Intelligence in the Government and in the Public Administration as a means to improve the efficiency without prejudice to legal and success guaranties.



Topics | Technical innovation scenarios and its impact in employment; educational skills to maintain employability; ¿towards a “fully unemployed” society?; regulatory and political measures  of public spending; contribution of the personal data to the functioning of algorithmic economy; ¿taxes on robots?

Moderates: Anna Ginés, professor of Labour Law at ESADE Business & Law Schools.


Xavier Ferrás, professor in the Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences of ESADE Business & Law School.

Rocío Albert, professor of Economy at Complutense University of Madrid.

Tulio Rosembuj, professor of Financial and tributary law, invited professor form LUISS University in Rome.


Topics: Contribution of artificial intelligence to de decision- making by the Public Administrations; possibilities and risks to avoid; ¿is it enough the current legal framework or should it be modified?

Moderates: César Arjona, professor of Theory and Philosophy of Law at ESADE Business & Law Schools.


Daniel Hidalgo, Telecommunications engineer, responsible of Health & Public Services at Accenture Applied Intelligence.

Closure: Javier Zarzalejos, director of FAES Foundation.

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